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West Midlands mustn't be sidelined at Brexit talks

Extract from the i newspaper...

The West Midlands should be consulted as much as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland during Brexit negotiations, the Labour candidate for the region’s mayoralty has insisted. The call from Siôn Simon, an MEP and former MP, comes as campaigning gears up ahead of the closest-fought contest in May’s local elections.

In an interview with i, Mr Simon accused David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, of failing to guarantee a formal role for the region’s representatives equivalent to those from the UK’s devolved nations. He claimed the government had made protection of London’s financial sector its top priority, while support for manufacturing and exports were far more important to the West Midlands.

“I want our needs to be met and I know that if we don’t have a voice in the negotiations they will not be met, because they never, ever are.” He added: “My wider West Midlands euro-constituency is bigger than Scotland, the wider combined West Midlands authority is bigger than Wales and even the electorate for the mayoral election is bigger than Northern Ireland.”

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commented 2017-03-26 19:46:44 +0100
W e don’t need the expense of a Mayor and the empire building that comes with it. Certainly not anyone that is remotely affiliated to the Labour party.
commented 2017-03-17 20:50:41 +0000
Ridiculous to say the “West Midlands” should be consulted on the Brexit negotiations. The “West Midlands” is not a nation, and has no claim to such a status, so to say it should get a say in the negotiations with the EU is absurd.

It’s easy to see where this is coming from though – Labour has had a long-standing ambition to Balkanise England into “regions”; indeed as long as the UK was a member of the EU that ambition was broadly in line with the EU’s own plans for this country, that being to see England divided into 8 or so Euro-regions as part of their moves to abolish the individual member states’ identities. Since Brexit however those ambitions have been set back, so Labour is now desperately looking for another angle from which to push its regionalism agenda. And that angle is to hijack these negotiations to push the idea that we, in the midlands, are some sort of oppressed or conquered people, who need to “take back control” from the evil Westminster which oppresses us and takes away our freedom.

This is all part of the Anglophobic Labour Party’s (but I repeat myself) anti-English agenda, which seeks to erase or set aside the identity of the English by any means necessary, means which include the petty attempts to stir up arguments and differences between different parts of England, fomenting the “north-south divide” (where do we in the midlands fit in there Mr Simon?) and trying to incite some “regional identity” here by stirring resentment towards people in London.

Well, I hope the people of this “region” see right through your plans, and vote in a party that is less interested in a divide-and-rule, anti-English agenda.
followed this page 2017-03-06 17:02:02 +0000
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