Siôn Simon: “Tory failure on violent crime puts West Midlands at risk.”


Labour MEP for the West Midlands, Siôn Simon, is calling for immediate action to halt police cuts after violent crime surged in the UK.

Latest crime figures from the ONS show an 18% rise in violent crime, with a 20% surge in gun crime and knife crime.

The official figures also show a 26% rise in the murder rate. 

The surge in violent crime comes amid continued cuts to policing in the West Midlands, as a direct result of reduced funding from the Tory Government.

Siôn Simon has previously called for a £1 million fund to tackle drugs and crime in the West Midlands. 

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street pledged to take a zero tolerance approach to violent crime and sexual offences. 

The crime statistics are seen as a key test of his leadership in the region. 

Mr Simon said:

“In his campaign, Theresa May’s Tory Mayor pledged to take a zero tolerance approach to violent crime and sexual offences.

"He promised he would use his close relationships with Theresa May and Tory Ministers to get a better deal for the West Midlands. 

“As crime surges, one question must be asked: What has he actually done about it since taking office?

“Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, has been warning for years that the Tories' unfair police cuts - five times the cuts to West Midlands Police as to leafy Surrey - will have dire consequences for our safety here.

“But his hands are tied by the relentless Tory cuts.

“Until the Tory cuts to frontline law enforcement are stopped, crime in the West Midlands will keep going up, putting people at risk.

“It’s time for the Tory Mayor to start delivering on his big promises.”


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